Howell Engineering understands the importance of comprehensive research and planning. Our technical skills and ground-breaking ideas allow us to interpret land use regulations, meet zoning requirements, and determine the project site’s ideal use.

Turf Field Conversion

Completed in 2016

Howell Engineering worked with United Sports for the site design, permitting, and other related services necessary for the conversion of two natural grass fields to artificial turf. The design required Township approvals as well as approvals from Chester County Conservation District and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. With the conversion of the fields to artificial turf, a stormwater management design was required to manage the increased runoff from the new field. Howell Engineering was able to provide a design that utilized the existing stormwater basin to minimize costs and the need for additional stormwater infrastructure.

Master Plan/Complex Expansion/Seasonal Dome 

Under Construction, 2019-Present

Howell Engineering’s relationship with United Sports has continued through its most recent expansion efforts. The latest expansion at United Sports includes the construction of a new artificial turf field, expansive parking improvements, and the installation of a seasonal dome over existing Field 4. The team navigated the long process of modifying the previous Conditional Use approvals, land development approvals, as well as NPDES and DEP Sewer approvals.

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